The best Side of latest rangoli designs without dots

On the best a simple freehand rangoli with parallel strains but of two unique colors for Margazhi kolams. (Margazhi remains  not about!).  The traces are drawn concurrently, as we do in simple rangolis with parallel traces but we have to use rangoli powder of two colors.

While the central pattern is similar, in the 1st case leaf like designs are fashioned at the edges whilst in the 2nd rangoli they happen to be transformed into butterflies.

 The remaining gaps are crammed with colourful dots of different colours rather than filling up the complete location with colour rangoli

During the this impression instead of working with the complete stencil, just the central portion has long been made use of and  the rangoli  expanded as  regular. about the periphery of the central stencil design with floral motifis and later with some borders..

 The colours are certainly not really crammed but drawn parallel to the prevailing style The blue line is drawn on the surface parallel into the rangoli outer line.  This must be accomplished carefully in order that both equally the strains usually do not contact.  At last spiral patterns using a several dots are drawn inside the rangoli near the periphery as proven.  Each one of these enhance the beauty to  what might have been an usually very fundamental layout.

Your entire kolam is stuffed with colours and more decorated with simple straight traces, white in colour and dots to receive a wholly different effect on the rangoli and as typical two pictures with actions.

 The 3rd rangoli sanskar bharti kind can be an enhancement of the 2nd as is evident within the picture.  I've added some spiral, curved and straight traces outside the house the carpet to acquire an far more shall I say gorgeous sanskar bharti rangoli. 

as well as a Element of a circle ( or sector of a circle ) in the corner rangoli structure with sanskar bharthi design styles

The next kolam as the image displays is an extremely simple rangoli with star structure.  Star, swastik and floral designs are made use of to start out a rangoli and we normally proceed from there according to our creativeness.  1st draw a star employing two inverted triangles.

 I understand that ordinarily 5 fingers are utilized to draw the designs.  Nevertheless I try out these designs adhering to the standard means of drawing kolam i.e utilizing the index finger and middle finger.

.  The next design can be a free hand design with six birds drawn all over a six petal flower.  The gaps between the birds ( drawn upto the neck ) will also be filled with pink floral petals.

Continuing with simple designs making use of strains , is the next impression down below.  It is an extremely easy technique of drawing a butterfly rangoli style that has a few intersecting traces.

This rangoli under is impressed by the Wilson's chook of paradise, specially the tail but Truthfully It's a poor imitation with the fowl's attractiveness or colour. Two intermediate stages in black and white.  This rangoli has long been drawn free hand for Diwali 

The kolam impression below   displays The essential double line or parallel line kolam style for drawing 4 petals.  It can be used on thresholds or entrances and for practising The fundamental double line designs.

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